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Why should you choose us

     1) More than 10,000 of kind, type, quality, and colour of material to choose to fit yours flavor before order to make by ours skill full staffs that care of all the detail.       
     2) We buy material with big amout in cash so we can buy and sell cheaper.   
     3) Each factory has goods that outstanding (good and cheap) not much.  If you buy from the factory, you have to buy all kinds of goods in one brand and get good and bad products mixed. If you buy with us, we select only the good  and cheap products in each factory for you to choose.

        Good and cheap curtain is the curtain shop sell good quanlity products which selected from many factories in Thailand for customers to choose for make to order by experience and skill full staffs in competitive price. Ask us before make yours decision for not disappointment.

 Discount rate  

        0 -     5,000  baht * 10%

  5,001 -   10,000  baht * 20%

10,001 -   20,000  baht * 30%

20,001 -   50,000  baht * 35%

50,001 - 300,000  baht * 40%

300,001 baht up please call

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